Apps in the Classroom

Apps offer the normal, everyday classroom something new and interesting. Integrating apps in the classroom can have many, many benefits. Some of these benefits could be students paying attention better and reinforcement of knowledge previously taught. Some apps that could benefit students could be something as simple as a calculator app that has can make graphs, to something more fun like Kindle, where students can read and not have to worry about carrying around multiple books.


Talented and Gifted Students

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to technology and talented and gifted students. The Internet can provide access to new, exciting resources for TAG students. Software can also do the same. For example, if a student has been excelling at their math assignments, as a teacher you could let them explore websites like Khan Academy. In other subjects, like music and composition, as a teacher you could let them play around on software like Finale to learn more.

Professional Development Plan for 1st Year of Teaching

For my first year of teaching, I think I will try to use a lot of software, and see how it goes. One thing I will use for my students is Finale. Finale is a great program to write music, or hear how music goes. This can be helpful for high achieving students. Next, I definitely want to use marching band software because it will be much, much easier to use than writing it out myself. I think it will also benefit my students because they can see exactly where they are going. Finally, I think I will try to use things like PowerPoints to teach them new concepts.

My 3 Favorite Tools

I think my first favorite tool for the classroom is presentation software. There are so many options when it comes to. It seems like there are endless possibilities. My favorite of the presentation software are the videos and tools like powerpoint. Presenting and sharing the information can be the most exciting part of a teacher’s day, and I think this makes it easier.

My second favorite tool for the classroom is classroom management software. A lot of things that have to do with classroom management are just extra things that you don’t want to think about when you’re focused on teaching the material. With this software, I think it makes it much easier to do these things, and not let them become too distracting.

Finally, my third favorite tool for the classroom are apps. There are so many apps that students can use to enhance their learning, and that teachers can use to make their job run more smoothly. They’re really the best of both worlds.

Presentation Software to Assist in the Classroom

One presentation software that I personally love is Prezi. I like to use it because it’s different from just a plain old powerpoint. All the slides are laid out and it shifts from one slide to another. It’s very pleasing to the eye. I would use this for short presentations since it does take longer to make than normal powerpoints.

Another presentation software that I think would be helpful in the classroom are videos. Videos can be time consuming to make, but I think students truly do get a lot out of them. It could be made easier by finding a video that relates to the subject that has already been made. Yes, some students may zone out for a video, but I think most students will be able to see things in a new way.

Finally, the last presentation software that I could use in my classroom is audio. Well teaching students about instrumental music, this could definitely come in handy. I could play the music the first time we look through it, so they get an idea of how their parts are suppose to go. I think audio is a big one when it comes to teaching music.

Alternative Schedules

A few examples of alternative schedules are extended learning time, late starts, year round schools, and four days a week. Alternative schedules can be very effective in some ways, and help with scheduling conflicts. On the other hand though, they can have some problems that most schools don’t have. I think some alternative schedules would work much better than others. For example, four days a week schedules I don’t think would work better because it’s less time spent learning. There are benefits, but I don’t think they outweigh the cons. On the other hand, year round school can have many benefits like students not forgetting stuff over the summer. Again, there are cons, but I think in this case, benefits outweigh the cons.

Tech in the Classroom: Opportunities and Challenges


  • Adds interest to activities
  • Adds interactivity to activities, causing more student engagement
  • Can help with student participation
  • Offers potential to help address diversity
  • Opens the classroom to beyond the walls because of the Internet


  • Matching technology with task
  • Selecting technology
  • Teachers need to master the technology first
  • Not enough tech staff most places
  • Cost