Presentation Software to Assist in the Classroom

One presentation software that I personally love is Prezi. I like to use it because it’s different from just a plain old powerpoint. All the slides are laid out and it shifts from one slide to another. It’s very pleasing to the eye. I would use this for short presentations since it does take longer to make than normal powerpoints.

Another presentation software that I think would be helpful in the classroom are videos. Videos can be time consuming to make, but I think students truly do get a lot out of them. It could be made easier by finding a video that relates to the subject that has already been made. Yes, some students may zone out for a video, but I think most students will be able to see things in a new way.

Finally, the last presentation software that I could use in my classroom is audio. Well teaching students about instrumental music, this could definitely come in handy. I could play the music the first time we look through it, so they get an idea of how their parts are suppose to go. I think audio is a big one when it comes to teaching music.


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