Technology and Music

It might be hard for the average person to think about how technology has transformed music, but it has. Firstly, technology, like the software Finale, has made making music, writing music, and previewing your work much, much easier than ever before. Creating music can be as easy as clicking a mouse. Previewing your musical work is so much easier because the software literally plays it for you. There’s no need to get a bunch of people together to hear how it sounds. Within that, you can also find mistakes you have made while writing the piece much easier.

Another, more common, way that technology has transformed music is that almost anyone that has internet access can access music online.  It’s found on all sorts of websites. There are also sites where someone can purchase music and download it onto a device of theirs. This way, they can take it with them where they need. There’s no more a need to carry around CDs and tapes. Overall, I think technology has made a big impact on music – more than people might think.


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