Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s taxonomy is an order of forms of thinking and questioning. It is used by teachers to create higher level thinking questions and activities for students. This is important because a teacher doesn’t want all of their questions/lessons to be memorizing facts. Most content being taught needs to be remembered, understood, applied, analyzed, evaluated, and created. The taxonomy was changed later on to better fit today’s thinking. I’ll be explaining the revised taxonomy.taxonomyAt the bottom of the order comes remembering, which means being able to recall. Sample action verbs include: choose, describe, define, identify, label, list, locate, match, memorize, and recognize.

Next in the order is understanding. Understanding means comprehension. Sample action verbs include: Classify, explain, demonstrate, match, discuss, distinguish, illustrate, select, and show.

After understanding is applying. This means being able to take what you have learned and use it for something else. Sample action verbs include: Apply, choose, classify, explain, examine, judge, organize, prepare, select, show, solve, and use.

Next in Bloom’s Taxonomy is analyzing ,which means thinking about and making decisions on content. Sample action verbs include: analyze, arrange, classify, compare, develop, diagram, differentiate, identify, and select.

After analyzing is evaluating. To be able to evaluate means a student can think critically about the content. Sample action verbs include: Appraise, judge, defend, compare, assess, conclude, contrast, critique, determine, justify, and support.

Finally, at the top of the order is creating. To create means to think about the content, analyze it, and create something based off of it. Sample action verbs include: choose, combine, construct, create, design, develop, formulate, hypothesize, produce, devise, explain, and integrate.


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