Dedicated Social Networks

Dedicated social networks are where students can use their own social networks. I don’t know much about them because I’ve never used them in school, but I think they sound interesting. They can be used in classrooms because they can be manipulated to be best suited to for school. I don’t really know of any examples of them. They can be things like. Wiki social networks or other things like iNet. We use iNet for our college classes, and it is really helpful to both the students and teachers. Personally,  I think the ones made specifically for classes or for schools would work best because they are suited specifically for those students.

Social Media and School

Personally, I believe that there are pretty limited situations where social media sites are acceptable to be used in school. I understand a teacher wanting to share what they are doing in their classroom, but they’d have to get permission from all of the students and their parents in order to do so. I can just imagine a situation where a teacher goes to take a picture that they are going to post, and one student’s parent’s said no to letting their child be posted on social media. Can you image how that child might feel when the teacher goes to take a picture with everyone else in the class? That is just one aspect of the situations, though.

One situation I can think of that would be okay is if all the students, who already had social networking accounts, joined a group with the teacher. As long as the teacher is keeping it professional and only posting about classroom things, I think it’d be okay.

Social Media Sites

Some social media tools used to engage in social networking could include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. These are just a few of the sites that can connect people socially. Facebook is a site where you make an account, and you can post pictures, videos, words, and even go live. You add other users and they become your “friends.” Instagram is an app where once you’ve made an account, you can post pictures. These pictures stay on your account, unless you delete them. Like Facebook, there is a feed of of all the people you follow/your friends’ posts. Snapchat is a little different. On Snapchat, you add other users, but when you send pictures, they disappear after so long. They don’t disappear from the other user’s phone, only if they screenshot it. There is no feed with Snapchat, because it’s more of a messaging app.

Technology Solutions for Diverse Learners

The phrase “diverse learners” could mean any student from special needs, to linguistically diverse, to talent and gifted students. Since there are so many different types of diverse students and so many different situations they could be put into, there are many, many solutions for these students. Of course, not every solution is going to help every student in every situation. An example of a solution for a diverse student who can’t speak may be a laptop or tablet that they can type into and it speaks for them. Another example of a solution for a diverse student who doesn’t understand the language could be letting them use an online translator for some time, until they learn more. There are way too many situations and students to have an exact solution for every one, but technology can help in many of the situations.